Bitcoin Browser Wallet – Tutorial

Somebody suggested to write a step by step tutorial for the bitcoin browser wallet. Thats a great idea so i do it here:

Get It

First you need to got to the chrome web store and install the extension.

Once thats done (which happens in seconds) You need to generate an address and a private key, or import one you have.

Put some Money

After the address is generated and encrypted with your password, your wallet is ready to use. When you imported a private key, the bitcoins which are on that address should appear within seconds.

If you generated a new address, you need to send some coins to your wallet first. In case you have no bitcoins, you need to buy them. I suggest to use when you live inside the EU, or when you are in Germany. Should you live in the US, i would recommend coinbase.

When you got your coins, just send them to your wallets address and your good to go.

Keep in mind that this is not a super secure wallet, as your private key needs to be send to the API over a secure connection, when making a payment. Therefor use this wallet only for small amounts like 10-50 USD. (And please read my security notes here)

(Don’t get confused about the different balances, the picture below was made after i send this test transactions)

Send a Transaction

Sending a transaction is as simple as typing the amount and press send. By clicking on the symbol or the balance you can switch between BTC and USD display. When you’re viewing your balance in USD, the amount field will as well accept dollar inputs.

The USD price is calculated using the current price.

When you click send, you will see a confirmation page, where you have to type in your password to decrypt your private key required for the transaction.

Keep in mind that the bitcoin network currently requires a transaction fee of 0.0001 BTC, this will probably change in the future to a even lower amount.

Once the transaction was successful you will see the following message, where you can click in the transaction ID to follow your money.

Thats already it!


Additionally you can export you private key in the settings and/or delete your wallet and generate a new address.

I hope you like it and consider a donation 😉 17gH3YynN34VVRhwwrnEjfc31LnpP7rcTm

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