Meteor-platform packages and loading screens

Most people are confused about Meteor and what it consists of, its like a black box with confusing packages and dependencies. To bring a little light in this I will drop here a list of all the packages, which make up the meteor-platform package. If you remove it from you app, you have a plain app, without any meteor in it:, an altcoin profit tracking tool

A while ago I made an altcoin profit/loos tracking tool. I planned to charge a few bits when I get thousands of users and become super rich… though they didn’t seem to come 🙁 I actually forgot to post it here, so I’m now doing this. Its quite useful for myself and saves me the roundtrip from to to I don’t plan to charge anything for it now, but you can always give me a bittip 🙂

On Angular.js

Probably everyone who want to built modern web applications stood once before the choice of the framework, so did i a 2 years back. At the time angular.js became popular and i stood before the decision to either use backbone, ember.js or angular. What i didn’t like about angular was its very specific HTML attribute syntax. I wanted to write clean HTML not some custom attribute mess. Luckily i stumbled over Meteor! At the time Meteor was not quite ready yet and single page apps were not the standard, so it was quite a risk. I went that road and build a Meteor app, which only used its frontend part …