Improved ethereum:tools and ethereum:elements

Right when starts trading I’ve add a new EthTools.formatBalance() method to the ethereum:tools package, which allows you to display an ethereum wei value in any ether unit or supported currency from kraken (BTC, USD, EUR, CAD, GBP and JPY). Simply use: // HTML/Blaze {{dapp_formatBalance “1000000000000000000” “0,0.00[0000] UNIT” “btc”}} // JS EthTools.formatBalance(“1000000000000000000”, “0,0.00[0000] UNIT”, “btc”) // “0.012345 BTC” I’ve also add a special EthTools.toWei() method, which allows you to convert e.g. BTC to to wei: var wei = EthTools.toWei(23, ‘btc’); // wei = “80000000000000000000” There are many more helpful methods (EthTools.formatNumber(), EthTools.setUnit(), EthTools.getUnit, EthTools.ticker, EthTools.setLocale()) in that package take a look its readme for more. Note that the ethereum:tools package …

Ethereum Meteor package updates

I add a new element to the ethereum:elements package, which gives you a simple account select with identicon: Additionally I improved the {{> dapp_addressInput}} to it now removes whitespaces and adds the 0x to any address. Also take a look at the new improved ethereum:tools, ethereum:accounts and ethereum:blocks package. (ethereum:tools works also without meteor, by simply linking the ethtools.js) If you wonder how to get the static files of your meteor dapp check out meteor-build-client.

Ethereum launches!

The real Ethereum network will launch 3h from no, when every user generates the new genesis block based on the blocks hash of block number 1 028 201 of the Ethereum testnet. Prepare for the next level of block chain applications! The following video is a SAP advertisement, but it describes very good what ethereum can/will do in a not to distant future:

Meteor Book and updated packages

Its a while since wrote something here, so i will post an update of whats going on in the background. My book Over the last 9 months or so i wrote a book called “Building Single page Web Apps with Meteor” and i’m finally almost done. I’m currently writing on the last chapter titled “Testing in Meteor”, which drags a little as velocity – meteors official testing framework is quite not ready just yet. The book writing experience was long, though it was a very fluid process until the last few months were i basically ran behind every change in the API to keep all chapters updated 🙂 But i …

Updated Meteor template animation helper

UPDATE 04.06.2015 Better use the new template animation helper, which uses ui_hooks to start animations: Its a bit since i posted something. I’m actually busy building I just wanted to post something about a package i wrote a while ago and, which serves me well since then. template-animation-helper i just released a fixed version, which works well with Blaze, Meteor’s new template render engine. So if you didn’t try it yet, go here And grab the package at Thats it! PS. if you’re into crypto currencies like i am, take a look at NXT, it looks very promising

Meteor View Manager

Update This package just got mentioned in Meteor weekly 🙂 Update This package is now BLAZE ready, the new render engine of meteor, therefor there are some syntax changes. The view-manager package works like the Session object in meteor, but has some handy features. To place a template somewhere, just add the {{DynamicTemplate placeholder=”myKey” context=myData}} helper somewhere and then call: View.set(‘myKey’,’myTemplateName’); This will render template in its place. You can call View.set(‘myKey’,false); to remove it. Additionally you can pass an object to give it data context e.g: This context will then be merged with the context passed in template (dynamic content overwrites template set context) View.set(‘myKey’,{ template: ‘myTemplateName’ context: …

Meteor template animation helper

UPDATE 04.06.2015 Better use the new template animation helper, which uses ui_hooks to start animations: UPDATE 23.10.2013 You can now also pass a template name to the {{AnimateTemplate “…”}} helper, this will render the template in place, switching a hidden class to animate on the element(s) with the class animate. Additionally the data context of this template gets the _templateAnimationKey, so you can manually fade the template out. To do that call the following inside a helper or event of that template: Update made BLAZE ready, the new render engine of meteor View/Session.set(this._templateAnimationKey, false); If you’re inpatient check out atmosphere. I love meteor for its simplicity, but there is …

Bitcoin at FinCEN

When your’e interested in bitcoin, you probably heard that most of the big bitcoin businesses including The Bitcoin Foundation got invited by FinCEN, the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network. I just found an report by one of the speakers Marco Santori, Lawyer and Chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation’s Regulatory Affairs Committee on, so i want to quote it here:

The Bitcoin Robot

UPDATE After using the robot for a while, i think that its way more efficient to buy bitcoin and leave them as using this robot, or trade manually! So better stay away and put that money in BTC directly 🙂 Hey, like you probably already read in my about page i’m currently into BITCOIN. I discovered it in may when it was at 80 EUR/BTC and shortly after went up to 266 USD/BTC, to crash then back to 50 and later ~100 USD/BTC. Currently we are at 130 USD/BTC at the time of this writing. I love the idea and the concept of bitcoin and already digged into wallets and …