• Fabian Fong

    Dear Admin ,

    I am just curious with this bitcoin trading and payment business.

    I hope it is not a scam. Pardon me for saying it. Been promised many
    good return deals but in the end , it went down the drain.

    Hope you can enlighten me…

    1) Did you buy the BTC robot ?

    2) Is it working for you ? What is the average daily profit or monthly returns ?

    3) Can you screen capture your bitcoin robot trading graph results and show it to me ?

    4) Any other matter about bitcoin that you want to share with me…. ?

    Looking foward to your prompt reply.

    Thank you !

    Regards ,
    Fabian Fong

    • frozeman

      hi, did you read my post about the robot? Take a look here: http://frozeman.de/blog/2013/08/the-bitcoin-robot/

      to answer your questions:
      1. i did buy the robot, actually two licenses
      2. its working so far so good, but as the bitcoin price raised, its hard to tell, if this is the effect of the robot.
      im so far happy with it, i just want to see how the robot behaves, when the price drops. will it sell at the right price to prevent loss? not sure yet but will see.
      3. screen captures are in the post i mentioned above
      4. i like bitcoin a lot, but you should make sure to store it save, i recommend paper wallets and for a hot wallet, one on http://blockchain.info

      hope that helps..

      btw. better post your questions in the thread of the post, not here 🙂