, an altcoin profit tracking tool

A while ago I made an altcoin profit/loos tracking tool. I planned to charge a few bits when I get thousands of users and become super rich… though they didn’t seem to come 🙁 I actually forgot to post it here, so I’m now doing this. Its quite useful for myself and saves me the roundtrip from to to I don’t plan to charge anything for it now, but you can always give me a bittip 🙂

Bitcoin Browser Wallet

Quick links Github Chrome Web-Store (automatic updates) I follow bitcoin since march 2012 and i’m very much convinced by its superiority to other payment systems and currencies. Bitcoin rose 2012 from 20 to 1200 USD and we will probably see more heights this year. One of the biggest stoppers for bitcoin, in my opinion right now, is the missing of easy tools. Tools which make payments in every day life as simple or simpler than credit cards or paypal. I was surprised that i couldn’t find any simple browser based plugin, as the browser would be for me the most natural place to put a wallet. Because your can use …

Bitcoin at FinCEN

When your’e interested in bitcoin, you probably heard that most of the big bitcoin businesses including The Bitcoin Foundation got invited by FinCEN, the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network. I just found an report by one of the speakers Marco Santori, Lawyer and Chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation’s Regulatory Affairs Committee on, so i want to quote it here:

The Bitcoin Robot

UPDATE After using the robot for a while, i think that its way more efficient to buy bitcoin and leave them as using this robot, or trade manually! So better stay away and put that money in BTC directly 🙂 Hey, like you probably already read in my about page i’m currently into BITCOIN. I discovered it in may when it was at 80 EUR/BTC and shortly after went up to 266 USD/BTC, to crash then back to 50 and later ~100 USD/BTC. Currently we are at 130 USD/BTC at the time of this writing. I love the idea and the concept of bitcoin and already digged into wallets and …